High Performance Leadership

This workshop is exclusive to Leadership. How do you manage a team of professionals while leading and motivating individuals? How do you create a winning culture in a time of economic uncertainty? How do you move “B” players to “A” players, and turn “A” players into “A+” players. What do you do with the “C”s?? The first part of the workshop will  focus on the qualities that great leaders possess and discuss how you can become a more effective leader.  The second half is dedicated to leading and motivating individuals to reach their full potential. Leadership is one of the hardest and most rewarding professions – we think you’ll leave with smart ideas to help YOU reach your 2009 sales and revenue goals.

The Sales Toolbox 

Many sales people have talent and ability, but lack the tools, creativity and fresh ideas necessary to become or sustain as “A” players. This workshop examines multiple facets of the sales process and is broken into three parts:

    1. Sales Process; from awareness to partnership.
     2. What do Buyers Want? How to motivate them to buy.
     3. The Sales Toolbox; 10 tools to increase productivity in tough economic conditions.

Do you have the fifteen tools needed to succeed in selling? This 4 hour workshop is ideal for anyone from small to medium size business owners to tenured sales professionals who need a refresher on sales basics. The course covers a lot of material and moves fast. You’ll learn a lot, brush up on old skills and leave with a sense of urgency to put the tools to work for you.

Appointment Setting Techniques

Are you great in front of clients, but lack the time, skills and activity to generate more prospect meetings? Activity is always the problem, but never the answer….it’s only a clue to what’s holding you back. What is the answer? During this workshop, you will learn specific strategies to scheduling and closing more meetings. We will examine essential activities that take place before you dial, three types of proven dialing scripts, objection handling, what motivates prospects to set appointments, effective voicemails, and appointment campaigning. This course will leave you with fresh ideas and ready to pick up the phone to get that next big appointment.

Selling the C Suite

The C Suite is the hardest to get a meeting with, but has the highest close ratio when executed correctly. What compels them to take your call? Set a meeting with you? Buy what you’re selling? In this four hour workshop you will learn specific strategies to set meetings with the C Suite, present solutions to the C Suite and close bigger deals…FASTER! 

Objections and Closing Skills

Have you ever had a sale that you thought was a done deal get away from you? What kept them from buying? More than likely, you lacked the closing skills necessary to overcome all of their objections…or maybe you didn’t uncover everything that was keeping them from buying.  During this four hour workshop we’ll focus on the tools and skills necessary to overcome objections and close more sales.

Effective Presentations

Do you have systematic process for every presentation or do you “wing it” most of the time. This course will teach you a 5 step presentation process that will allow you to maintain control of the meeting, uncover prospect needs, build rapport, share product/service information, eliminate potential objections and close business.